Thursday, February 23, 2012

Circuit in Mauritius

The statue of Shiva in Mauritius

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a small independent entity to which the small island Rodrigue is linked. Mauritius is one of the terrestrial Paradise to which it dreams of escape, especially in winter, when there temperatures exceed 30 degrees. And no risk of stifling heat, beaches always remain within reasonable distance in view of the small size of the island. Volcanoes of Mauritius are turned off: is always climbing in hiking to the extinct craters, as the hole at the deer. After the heights, it descends to the level of the sea, to the magnificent beaches of the island: these are protected by a coral reef, enclosing transparent water and hot as it cannot only in dream: to verify directly the Trou aux Biches beach this time. Capital and main city of the island, Port-Louis is a diverse city in the image of the various populations that coexist in harmony on the whole of the territory of Mauritius.


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