Monday, February 13, 2012

The Malagasy origins

The origin of Malagasy
Historical data
The settlement of Madagascar dated in the first millennium of our era. The ancestors of the Malagasy would be both original Malaya-Indonesian (of Malaysians and Indonesians) and East Africa (from originating Bantus from Tanzania and Mozambique current). In successive waves, settling in small groups in different points of the island, a period that could last for a few centuries, immigrants are formed not immediately a single people, but of many small kingdoms separated involved in the trade of the Indian Ocean.
The inhabitants of Madagascar made trade with the Arabs during much of the middle ages, providing spices, medicinal plants, spices and perfumes. As early as the 12th Century, the Antalaotra (people of the sea), browsers Islamized speaking in Swahili, from Africa and the Comoros, established at the expense of the Austronesia’s of Madagascar, control over roads and traffic in the Indian Ocean. However, the Arab cultural influence was limited to a few secondary outlets. Today, historians believe that the coasts of the North and northeast of the island have been the crucible where the meeting of Malaya-Indonesian and African Bantu has forged the current Malagasy people. Before the arrival of Europeans, most of the Malagasy ethnicities identified today were already living in the territories where it is currently concentrated.


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