Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nosy Be, dream destination

The beautiful beach of Nosy Iranja
If the history of Nosy Be is also rich it is probably in its particular geography that it must. Located in one of the ends of the current of the monsoon, true shipping route to the India and Asia, the configuration of the Bay of Ampasindava in fact one of the safest anchorages of the Indian Ocean, sheltered of the trade winds and cyclones. The region of Nosy Be was naturally predisposed to be a zone of contact among civilizations, religions, cultures, trade flows and trafficking of all kinds, including slavery. Only a strategic error of General Gallieni in 1896 was Ambavatoby Bay became the major port in the North of Madagascar, the construction of Diego-Suarez is already begun at the time of the annexation of the rest of Madagascar. If the jewellery in gold are reserved to members da Royal family, silver bracelets are widespread. They are smelted from old pieces of 5 Francs silver and they are responsible for beneficial powers in a ritual ceremony. Some of the pieces of silver to the King in thanks are used to make chains of 3 to 4 metres in length, used to close the coffins of princes.
In the past, the Sakalava were used to put their valuables in an urn of chipped stone. She was then buried near da box, for the values from the neighbouring looters or hackers, so was the insecurity of that time. The manual skills takes a prominent place in the Nosybéen crafts. Carpenters build canoes on their single memory and experience, like the Embroiderers of sheets. Wood and cocos processing gives a stunning finished product. Every year for 16 years, Nosy Be lives in the hectic pace of the Donia festival. After the traditional Carnival opening, the Malagasy artists, but also those of all the Indian Ocean, move on stage. Salegy and Sega enfièvrent the crowd throughout the night.
As in the rest of Madagascar, the basis of the Sakalava culture is the cult of the ancestors. Mpanjaka (Princes Régnants) are prominently in this worship, since once died and buried in a Royal Tomb, they continue to influence the world of the living in being consulted in ritual ceremonies.


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