Thursday, February 16, 2012

Overview in Madagascar

The beautiful beach of Nosy Iranja
The Large Island" fills the amateur adventure and discovery. With bonus dream beaches, Nosy be in Ifaty, to recover from his "Land of contrast" efforts…: the worn photo yet is practical to describe Madagascar. Difficult indeed to classify the large island, whether on geological, ecological, cultural or human.
Known the poor, but his basement concealed gold and stones precious, known in the lush side of North and it shows a face dry and arid South, told the demanding for the traveller and it reveals of welcoming. Madagascar is both. For the traveller, it is above all a happy surprise. Even the capital Antananarivo - nicknamed "Tana" - deserves more than a short stay.
Travellers are the especially since the removal of the famous the Zoma market and the fire in the Palace of the Queen. Traffic congestion of the "city to the 12 Hills", its pollution and poverty should however not forget its atmosphere and the charm of an architecture to multiple influences. Given the size of Madagascar, travellers decide to visit the high plateaus of Centre, or South, North or East, a choice related to the season, rain and the State of the roads. It is always advisable to fly to go in bathing sites in the North, Nosy be to Diégo Suarez (Antsiranana). Farniente amateur is dream beaches and varied accommodation, the luxury hotel to the bungalow, the feet in a turquoise water lined with coconut palms. The indolent Diégo is also the gateway to the national park of the mountain of Ambre. The observation of the fauna and flora is one of the main attractions of Madagascar. Endemic species thrive there, including the lemur, this species of monkeys, large expressive eyes, sometimes difficult to see in its natural environment. Another essential stop at 100 km of Diégo, the reserve of the Ankarana, superb mass from which emerge from the tsingys (pronounced "tsing"), these amazing rock formations in the form of mineral needle sharp. To browse the big island by land, will need you the time… and endurance! The roads are often in poor condition. The trip by taxi brousse rest however quite bearable to visit the Hauts Plateaux, go on the île Sainte-Marie (although the vessel is, he, deprecated since a shipwreck in 2001) and Toliara, since Tana. To the East, the island of Sainte-Marie (Nosy Boraha) is an ideal resort, with its long sandy beaches lined with coconut trees (especially those of the île aux Nattes), tropical forest, coral reefs appreciated divers, its whales mate and put down in the summer. More to the North, the Masoala peninsula is a paradise for lovers of hiking. To the South stretches the famous RN7, on nearly a thousand kilometres, Tana to Tulear. On the Hauts Plateaux, the road undulates between lush landscapes and hills denuded, passes through pleasant cities such Antsirabe Ambositra and former "capital" of the rickshaw and Spa station. Tracks winding between vineyards and rice terraces. Of ZeBu is sunshine at the foot of Pisa to the typical architecture houses, built with this land which earned his nickname of "Red Island" in Madagascar.


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