Friday, February 24, 2012

The various seasons of Mauritius

The beauty of Mauritius
The climate of Mauritius is of tropical type, as in all the islands of the Indian Ocean, the seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere. The tropical winter, from May to November, is more cool and dry, with the predominance of the trade winds with a temperature of 24°C average
From December to April, the summer is hot, even if the Sun is never hot and sometimes rainy, especially on the central plateau. The hottest, but also the wettest season stands at temperatures between 25°C and 35°C.
Between January and March are some risks of Cyclone. On the coast, temperatures are higher than those of the Interior (4°C more).
The West and North are generally warmer and less doused the East and South. During the winter, the nights are cooler than the days (3 to 4°C less). The sun sets early and very fast: pm on average.
In fact, the island is pleasant to attend throughout the year, with two periods very pomp, the first from April to June, the second from September to December. More specifically, the best season for surfing is between June and August, while the large fishing provides the finest catch between October and April.


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