Friday, February 17, 2012

Nosy Be, dream destination

Nosy Be, dream destination
Located in the Northwest of Madagascar, Nosy Be, island paradise, rich in flora and fauna. Promised land of divers, with a huge forest of coral reefs. The island covers 321 km2, it is Madagascar tourism showcase, a dream destination that is home to many white sand beaches.
Then, feel more, come and spend holiday in Nosy Bé
The splendour of the tropical sun quickly get Tan with his 345 days of Sun per year. Surrounded by beautiful small islands, Nosy-Be is a land of dreams and adventure without equal. Nosy Be, where economic activity is more oriented towards tourism, it progresses at a speed positive thanks among other to the opening of the sky at the regional and international levels. It is surrounded by archipelago of islets, tourists dream destination, the top time is the order of the day. Nosy Be also known as the perfume island is a volcanic island with beautiful beach with a coconut. It is an enchanting island that famous people around the world spend days of vacation. Hotels, restaurants, bungalows, diving centres, multiply on the island to provide a maximum of services. There are many "clubs" nautical offering excursions, fishing in the wholesale and boat cruises. It is also possible to rent cars, motorcycles, VTT… to explore the Interior of Nosy Be, with or without a guide. "Special" or collective taxis are also available.


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