Monday, February 27, 2012


Paradise of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has two advantages. First, Mauritius is relatively large, which is the guarantee of a rich and active stay. But most importantly, if Maurice has many a treasure, it is its people. Fruit of a mosaic of cultures that are mixed to the Mauritians are not only beautiful but also extremely nice. Ever interested, always interesting, Mauritians are open, generous and happy! Aware of the beneficial aspect of tourism on the economy, the population love discuss with Westerners, so as to discover their traditions. Where you go, you will be always well received! The island is surrounded by a multitude of hotels of luxury for the wealthy, real parks comprising all the services and activities. But it is possible to stay for a price moderate in small structures as the food is really not expensive in remaining good quality in the villages. Your days hold time: with a beautiful blue sky, enjoy water 28 ° C, while more cloudy or even rainy days you will go to the meeting of the inhabitants and admire the forests and inland waterfalls. Finally, for lovers of sliding, know that surfing is practiced in Mauritius, particularly in tamarind, and found an exceptional level on the Kite-Surf scene, with excellent conditions in terms of wind and space.


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